Election Campaign Consultant Ravneet Singh Re-Sentenced for Conspiring to Buy the San Diego Mayor

November 9, 2020 - Ravneet (Ravi) Singh (45), Political campaign consultant and former CEO of ElectionMall Technologies, was re-sentenced today to one year in prison for conspiring with with Mexican billionaire Susumo Azano to make almost $600,000 in illegal political contributions to candidates Bonnie Dumanis and Bob Filner in the 2012 San Diego mayoral campaign in an effort to buy “a friend in the Mayor’s office.”

In addition to the one year prison re-sentence, Ravneet Singh was ordered to pay a fine of $10,000 by the court.

According to court documents:
.....Azano, Singh, and others conspired to inject hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and in-kind consulting services to the Dumanis and Filner campaigns, despite the fact that Azano’s foreign national status made such contributions illegal. To conceal his connection to these contributions, Azano arranged with Singh, his son Edward Hester, and others to funnel this illegal foreign money through corporate and third person “straw donor” contributions.

In return for his money, Azano sought to buy political influence and support for his vision: “Miami West” – a San Diego waterfront development project with a yacht marina, a branded five-star hotel and luxury bayside condominiums, a development project that promised Azano hundreds of millions in profit. Azano also demanded access, like the ability to summon influential political figures to his home on a moment’s notice or to obtain letters of reference to secure his son’s admission to the University of San Diego.

...Azano’s illegal money harnessed by Singh in an effective Internet fusillade made the difference in electing Bob Filner as Mayor. Within weeks after the election, with the Mayor squarely in his pocket, Azano met in London with renowned, Middle East-based master developers to refine his plans for “Miami West.” A month after the election, Azano invited the developers to fly halfway around the globe to meet with him and Mayor Filner about the Miami West project, and just four days after Filner’s inauguration, that meeting occurred, catered by Nobu, at Azano’s Coronado Cays mansion.

Filner resigned six months later amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

Azano and Singh were initially sentenced in 2017 to incarceration periods of 36 months and 15 months. After multiple lengthy appeals to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and a petition for review at the Supreme Court, which invalidated their convictions on one of the 36 counts charged in the indictment, Judge Anello re-sentenced Azano in 2019 to the same sentence of 36-months in prison. Today, Judge Anello sentenced Singh to a 12-month sentence.
Ravneet Singh was ordered by the San Diego District Federal court to report to prison on January 11, 2021.